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Microsoft Social Engagement

By SAM7 9 years ago
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Microsoft Social Engagement

Your customers and stakeholders are talking about you on Facebook, Twitter, or blogs. How do you learn about it?

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can get powerful social insights by connecting Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Microsoft Social Engagement. Microsoft Social Engagement collects data from social media websites and presents it to you in charts and graphs that you can use to spot emerging trends in people’s comments, whether they’re positive, negative, or neutral. You can drill down into the data and see who is mentioning you, where they posted the comment, and exactly what they said. Armed with these insights, you can pinpoint what you’re doing right, and address potential issues before bigger problems arise.

Originally known as Microsoft Social listening, the module has been renamed as Microsoft Social Engagement. And it’s not just a name change. The User Interface has been completely redesigned. Read more here:


You can find out more about the features can be downloaded here:


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