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Transforming CRM into a System of Engagement

By SAM7 9 years ago
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Systems of Engagement

Over the last decade the ‘consumerisation of IT’ has exploded. With the advent of home broadband and smart phones we are able to quickly access and share information, such as discussions, thoughts, photos, location updates and special events. Tailored Apps mean that we can quickly check bank accounts, book flights or find out the latest news.

However, Enterprise IT still predominantly relies on record based systems that can prove challenging to gain real insights or capture adhoc communication. Staff are now demanding the same level of access and experience at work to their home environment.

A couple of years ago Geoffrey Moore coined the phrase ‘systems of engagement’. These are not a replacement of tradition ‘systems of record’, but add functionality better enabling users to better understand business data and manage key moments of engagement.

This means layering traditional ‘systems of record’ with tools that are mobile, social, relevant and real time. Whilst ‘systems of record’ are all about providing a single version of the truth, built on transactional data with strong controls, ‘systems of engagement’ supplement this with collaboration, insights, ideas, discussions and interactions. Most importantly they make accessing targeted information immediate and straightforward.

What’s more – if done correctly, users will be demanding to be given access to these systems as they readily see the benefits they bring.

SAM7 have worked with a number of customers to turn their traditional CRM systems into ‘systems of engagement’. Contact us to find out more.

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