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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Streamline all customer interactions
in a single flexible platform.


Grow, evolve, and transform every part of your business to better meet the changing market demands and needs of your customers. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides modules such as Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Field Service and Project Service Automation to revolutionise how you do business.

Engage Customers

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a highly configurable platform to automate your business processes – from marketing through to sales, and delivery through to service.


Ensure relevant communications are targeted at prospects and customers effectively.


Accurately track opportunities, correspondence, negotiations and quotes.

Customer Service

Unify the way people experience your business across all channels and interactions.

Field Service

Master the service call, from optimised scheduling to planned maintenance.

Projects Service Automation

Run your project-based business more productively and profitably.

Mobile Access

Equip your field based team with real-time information using native mobile applications, which work on-line and offline. Allow them to review upcoming appointments, view interactive maps, check van stock levels and request time off.

Whilst attending an appointment the field service team can:

  • Indicate the work they performed, including checking off specific tasks.
  • Consume any parts used to fix a problem or track any new assets installed on-site.
  • Take photos and create any follow on works.
  • Capture the customer’s signature.
  • Take payment from the customer.

Client Agreements

Agreements enable regular service and planned preventative maintenance (PPM) schedules to be created. Powerful tools enable the recurrence of these visits to be tailored precisely to meet a customer’s requirements. Decide whether the resulting appointments are automatically scheduled or manually planned using the Schedule Board.

Manage the process for renewing agreements, to ensure that your account management team begin discussions with the customer at the right time. Incorporate this within your sales funnel for a joined up sales experience.

Set Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) for each Customer to ensure that work orders are completed within agreed timescales. This can include multiple SLA ‘clocks’ such as respond by and fix by. Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 flexible grids and reports to quickly assess priorities and take actions.

Inventory Control

Give your team everything it needs to manage your inventory across locations, including warehouses, depots, and vans. Real-time updates mean your inventory is always accurate, so you can better track your service stock for fewer write-offs, and create better forecasts


Maintain a central catalogue of the all parts and services that are utilised.


Accurately track parts and materials from warehouses to van to customer.


Define global, territory or customer specific prices for parts and services.


Control the supply chain for purchasing new stock from suppliers.

Manage Resources

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service allows you to create a repository of available resources. Skills and roles can be dynamically defined, to suit your industry, and allocated to these resources along with competency levels. Resources can be assigned to specific territories to significantly aid with scheduling.

Working hours can be set using a flexible tool and assigned to teams or individuals. Time off requests can be created by your field based team and, if required, sent for approval. And, of course, all changes are instantly reflected in the Schedule Board.

Plus manage services, and their associated costs, performed by these resources.

Connected Field Service

Use Connected Field Service for Microsoft Dynamics 365 to monitor connected devices and always know your customer’s equipment is functioning correctly. If equipment fails, you’ll be notified so that you can troubleshoot the problem remotely, or send a technician to fix it.

Connected Field Service for Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps service organizations move from a costly break-fix model to a more proactive service model by combining monitoring and predictive maintenance with Internet of Things (IoT).

Key benefits of Connected Field Service:

  • Reduce downtime with proactive alerts from connected devices.
  • Address issues faster by remotely monitoring devices and keeping customers in the loop.
  • Reduce maintenance costs by dispatching a technician with the right expertise, availability, and location to the job.

Powerful Reporting

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides role and user-specific dashboard functionality out of the box along with the ability to create additional user-definable dashboards.

These dashboards provide real-time composite views of key performance indicators (KPIs) and can also be tailored the specific needs of the organisation. Use a dashboard to see at a glance all the important information needed to make key business decisions every day. Assemble and present information from several places in Microsoft Dynamics 365 in a quick-read format.

Alternatively use Power BI to truly immerse yourself in your data to extract valuable information.

Furthermore, Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s core functionality enables data to be quickly extracted and analysed using Microsoft Excel.


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