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Custom CRM Apps

Enable your field based team to quickly access relevant
and accurate details about their customers, premises, franchises or partners.
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SAM7 are adept at building phone, tablet and laptop based Apps that provide a very personal offering to remote workers. Today's successful mobile solutions are built around user experience - allowing field based staff access relevant and accurate information. We know we have a successful App when users proactively ask to get access to it.

Engaging Users

We often see businesses facing challenges around how systems are used at moments of engagement – whether in front of customers, inspecting sites or simply between appointments. When using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, do of the following sound familiar?

  • Are field based staff struggling to find the right information in front of customers?
  • Are you constantly battling with users to get them to update data or follow processes while on the road?
  • Do you have procedures that are reliant on paper forms or email attachments?
  • Are your field staff unhappy spending all evening updating systems when they get home?

If so, our tailored Dynamics CRM Apps offer a real alternative.

People are demanding more from business IT solutions – our Apps deliver that experience.

The Alternative

At SAM7 we have successfully delivered a number of custom Apps, for phones or tablets, that enable users to quickly and easily access information held in CRM. Key success criteria are:

  • Simple and elegant interface that presents targeted information in an easy to consume format.
  • Quick to adopt.
  • Ability to capture new information, record critical decisions or complete electronic forms.
  • Interacts seamlessly with core functionality of the host device such as uploading photos, making calls or viewing maps.
  • Reliable and accessible both on-line and off-line.
  • Uses the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform to distribute updates to your office based team.
  • Can work with hosted or on premise CRM.

Example 1:
Property App

We were recently asked to create an Android Phone App to allow members of the operations and property teams to access information from a CRM based repairs and maintenance system whilst out of the office. This includes:

  • A view of key property, contact, sales, repairs and statutory compliance information.
  • Enables sales people to select repair quotes, approve minor repairs and authorise overspends using the App.
  • Provision of repair budget information.
  • Ability to view pubs on a map, get a street view and access photos.
  • Automated background refresh, enabling on-line and off-line access.

Before the App was released users had to perform updates via a VPN connection from home. Key information about properties being visited the previous day had to be printed off or saved into spreadsheets.

The App was successfully rolled out with a very high user adoption rate – after almost no training. In fact, the senior management team have also picked up the same App as an essential tool.

Click here to read the full Case Study.

Example 2:
Franchise App

One of our Customers was trying to replace a field based form managed via Excel spreadsheets. Once information had been collated on the spreadsheets this was manually passed back to the office team to rekey into CRM and complete the process. Furthermore photos taken to accompany the spreadsheet were also sent back to head office to upload and attach in CRM.

We implemented a Windows 8 App that provided a total replacement to the previous manually intensive process. Compliance staff can now quickly open the App and create a new instance of the form. From here they can record pertinent information, include photos, calculate costs and capture the Customer’s signature. Once filled in and authorised the form automatically flow back to CRM.

Head office now receive the information automatically, and because the form is straightforward to use staff now complete the details within the App in front of the Customer.


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