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Microsoft Dynamics 365: Business Intelligence

Quickly extracting meaningful metrics and information
out of systems is vital.
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Providing the correct people with the correct information is critical to the success of any project. Giving people graphical and straightforward access to this information provides a number of key benefits – problems can be quickly highlighted, SLA’s tracked and KPI’s monitored.

CRM Dashboards

Microsoft Dynamics 365 dashboards provide real-time composite views of your information, which can also be tailored your specific needs. Use a dashboard to see at a glance all the important information needed to make key business decisions every day. Users can quickly drill down through data, open specific records or perform actions.

Dashboards can include of elements such as:


Graphical views of data.


Feeds and insights from the system.


Filtered grids of information.


Custom built components.

Power BI

Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools to analyse data and share insights. Monitor your business and get answers quickly with rich dashboards available on every device. Extend the reporting capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with out-of-the-box integration with Power BI.

Provide visuals of key metrics to better understand critical information such as customer engagement and pipeline health. Build rich dashboards containing interactive reports, using drill down tools to dive into the detailed information.

Why not talk to SAM7 about trialing Power BI for free?

Excel Integration

Native integration with Microsoft Office means that information can be quickly exported to Microsoft Excel from within the CRM as:


Once the data has been exported it will never change and can be sent to external users.


Each time the Microsoft Excel spread sheet is opened it could automatically refresh the data, using the original query or view.

Once in Excel, users can create charts or pivot tables as normal. Furthermore, multiple sets of data can be combined giving additional insight opportunities.

Advanced Queries

Microsoft Dynamics 365 users can construct queries against any entity in the database (including custom entities) and include multi-condition statements through the Advanced Find feature. Advanced Find reduces the complexity of queries by presenting a front-end wizard that allows users to enter queries in natural language statements.

Users can also amend the columns and layout that is output by the Advanced Find. This includes fields, column widths and sort orders.

Once an Advanced Find has been created it can be quickly saved and reused. Alternatively it can be shared with other users.

Data Warehouse

We are also able to setup feeds from Microsoft Dynamics 365 into your corporate Data Warehouse. These feeds use the Microsoft Dynamics 365 web services to extract data through supported interfaces.

We have also taken data feeds from Enterprise Data Warehouses, to combine this with real-time information. This data can be held in Microsoft Dynamics 365’s ‘entities’ enabling users to quickly combine it with their data in dashboards or advanced finds.


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