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Microsoft Dynamics 365: Enabling your Customers

Allow your Customers (or even Partners) to securly access
key information and relevant processes, through on-line portals.
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It’s Good To Share. More and more these days we are being asked to create real-time and intuitive Portals that allow businesses using Microsoft Dynamics 365 to share information with their Customers, Suppliers or Partners.

Custom Portals

We have considerable experience in creating bespoke portals, where less conventional customer access is required. These integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365, providing real-time information to third parties.

Examples of where we have helped Customers include:

  • Portal that allows Suppliers to register to become a preferred Supplier for a business.
  • Repairs and maintenance portal that allows contractors and property managers to view and update a variety of information.
  • Recruitment Portal that allows candidate CV’s to be shared with external clients.
  • Price comparison quoting portal that passes opportunities straight to a Customer’s sales team.

Key Features

During the design of Portals we spend considerable time understanding our Customers’ exact requirements, focusing our proposed solution key success criteria:


It’s vital that these Portals are easy to use – unlike internal users Customers frequently have little chance to train or influence Portal users.


There’s no point educating Customers, Suppliers or Partners to use a Portal, only for them to find it unavailable when they want to use it.


Portals are all about sharing information with Customers – this information needs to be accurate, reliable and relevant.


It’s just as important to stop unauthorised people from accessing information, ensuring it remains completely secure.

Web Site Integration

If your web site allows Customers to raise sales enquiries or open support cases, we can integrate this directly with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system to create new records. Once created within your system we can use the powerful process management tools within Microsoft Dynamics CRM to assign the enquiry, automatically reply to the Customer and start an SLA clock. This ensures that Customer interaction from your web site is quickly and accurately tracked.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s email monitor allows us to process emails sent to specific emails to create records within the system. For example, emails sent to [email protected] could be automatically processed and create a Case.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portals

Following Microsoft’s acquisition of ADXstudio, Microsoft Dynamics 365 ‘Plan 1’ now includes one web portal. This in integrated directly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and offer a number of fully functional starter frameworks, including sales, service and partner portals. Enabling us to help you get up and running quickly.

All designs use a responsive layout for phones, tablets and PC’s, and can be quickly customised to be rebranded or meet your specific needs. All starter portals include baseline features such as deployment models, authentication and comprehensive web content management tools with easy-to-use, browser-based, front-side editing.


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