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Microsoft Dynamics 365: In The Office

Manage your key processes to capture and track critical
business information, from people or teams around your organisation.
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We have always felt that the architecture of CRM provides an excellent platform for more than just sales, service and marketing activities. A lot of applications have requirements that Microsoft Dynamics 365 handles with ease.

User Experience

Microsoft Dynamics 365’s flexible and intuitive framework provides the perfect platform for delivering tailored solutions. Form layouts can be quickly configured to allow a very personal feeling to be built. This includes adding new fields, showing related information, in line charts, social feeds or adding images. In fact, different audiences around a business can have individually personalised forms.

Lists of information can be compiled, with users able to modify filters, change the sort order or add different columns of data. These can be saved and shared around the organisation. Charts can be used to represent this information graphically.

Furthermore, new entities can be quickly created to allow specific data requirements to be modelled within the system. These new entities can also have custom forms and views.

Visit the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Web Site for more information.

Manage Processes

A key function of any system is ensuring that information flows around your organisation accurately, to the right people and at the right time. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a suite of tools that allow us to automate and adjust these processes:

  • Implement powerful workflows that update information, change status, reassign records, send emails or create tasks at key trigger points.
  • Build dialogs that guide users through capturing or modifying information via a ‘wizard’ style interface.
  • Graphically represent processes with the process bar, ensuring that the right steps take place and that the correct information is entered.
  • Create user interface business rules to prompt users to provide accurate information during a process.
  • Automate the flow of new records to the right team or person.
  • Ensure tasks are completed in a timely fashion by tracking Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Microsoft Office

All of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 functionality can be accessed via Microsoft Outlook. In addition, users can file emails or appointments directly into the system. As well as being linked to recipient records, these can be associated to specific data within the system (such as a Case or a Sales Opportunity).

Information can be quickly exported to Microsoft Excel from within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 – either statically or dynamically. Once in Excel data can be converted into charts or manipulated and re-imported. Furthermore, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is integrated with Microsoft Word’s mail merge functionality, meaning that documents can be quickly created from within the system.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a security model that protects data integrity and privacy and supports efficient data access and collaboration. The goals of the model are as follows:

  • Provide users and teams with the access only to the appropriate levels of information that are required to do their jobs.
  • Categorise users and teams by role and restrict access based on those roles.
  • Support data sharing so that users and teams can be granted access to records that they do not own for a specified collaborative effort.
  • Prevent a user’s access to records they do not own or share.

Data Management

Embedded within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform is a set of sophisticated data management tools, including:

  • Data import tools that allow information to be loaded from sources such as Microsoft Excel and CSV files.
  • Data deduplication rules that can be used to identify potential duplicates, either real time or in batches.
  • Tools for exporting data to Microsoft Excel so that it can be cleaned and re-imported.
  • Ability to bulk edit, delete or reassign multiple records.
  • Multi lingual and currency.

System Integration

CRM is all about providing companies with consistent, clean and accurate information about their business and its processes. Frequently this information needs to be collated from other sources or trigger changes in another system.

At SAM7 we are adept in integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 system with other software systems to share information – either in real time or with overnight feeds. We’ve implemented point-to-point systems using technologies such as SQL and C#, but have also got considerable experience in middleware such as Microsoft BizTalk


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