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Prism: Reactive Repairs

Optimise how you action repairs,
with Prism powered by Dynamics 365.
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Streamline your repairs process, enabling you to increase first time fixes whilst significantly reducing ad-hoc customer communication. Prism manages everything from small repairs to quoted works and warranty call outs to insurance claims.

Intelligent Capture

SAM7 have developed a powerful Order Capture form to allow Customers or Help Desk to quickly and efficiently record new repairs. This screen guides the user through the steps that are required to capture the correct details, including the type of work, priority and whether this is a recurring issue. The system responds to these answers by automatically allocating an appropriate Contractor, the correct financial code and an estimated value.

The system also holds an asset register, and so a specific piece of equipment can be attached to the repair. This ultimately helps ensure that the Contractor has the correct information before undertaking a repair, but can also flag to a user any warranties that may be in place.

As soon as a repair is raised the Help Desk can track its progress using Microsoft Dynamics 365, plus the details are visible to the Customer, your Property/Operations Teams and Contractors via web portals.

Larger repairs can automatically create quotation requests to a number of pre-defined Contractors. Once these Contractors have provided quotations, then a nominated member of your team can decide which, if any, quotation to proceed with.

Keeping Control

Controlling repair spend is extremely important. Our system enables you to set authorisation limits by business unit. This means that higher value repairs are sent to more senior members of your team to approve. In some cases, there may be more than one person in an approval chain.

Authorisers are provided with a Web Portal (which can be used on laptops, tablets and phones), which provides a view repairs that need approval. Using a simple user interface they can decide to approve, reject or defer (to a different financial period) each item. In addition, the system tells each user how much they have currently spent within each financial period.

These approvals, along with any associated notes, are accurately recorded in the system, ensuring that all approved or rejected repairs have a full audit trail.

Proactive Monitoring

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a sophisticated user interface for managing all open Orders. Users can quickly create custom views of Orders that they are interested in. They can also clearly see the progress of each Order and any notes made by Contractors or on-site Property staff. Help Desk users can also use the system to uplift the value of any repair, add notes or raise the priority.

A web portal allows your Customers to view information about reactive repairs, maintenance and statutory compliance. Again, this information is a real-time view of the latest details held within Microsoft Dynamics 365.

All work performed by Contractors can ultimately be graded by your property managers. This means that you can use Microsoft Dynamics 365’s powerful Reporting, Dashboards and Advanced Find tools to understand how well each Contractor is performing.

Fixing Problems

A sophisticated administration matrix allows Contractors to be allocated by geographical area, discipline and business unit. This enables you to control which Contractors are automatically selected when a new item of work is created, but also allows you to keep a close control on which Contractors are used.

Contractors use a web portal to accept new work passed to them, provide on-going notes, provide quotations, request value uplifts, mark orders as complete, upload statutory certification and make recommendations. Each contractors can have multiple users logging into the system, via the Internet. All information is accessed and updated in real-time, meaning that the Help Desk are immediately aware of any changes made by a Contractor.

Providing Contractors with the ability to read and update real-time information has significantly reduced amount of ad-hoc communication between the Help Desk, on-site Property teams and Contractors. The majority of communication is now performed in a structured, controlled manner. This also ensures that all parties have a single consistent view of the information.

Financial Integration

With the open architecture provided by Microsoft Dynamics 365 we can, if required, integrate Prism with your Finance System. This provides you with a real-time and accurate picture of all projected and committed spend within your finance system.

Integration can include the following automation:

  • Create Purchase Orders, enabling you to see your true financial commitment and accruals for all outstanding work.
  • Produce Valuations, enabling your Finance Team to be able to process Invoices received from Contractors.
  • Complete Orders when Invoices are received and processed.
  • Synchronisation of approved suppliers/contractors and associated rates.

Improving Performance

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides role and user-specific dashboard functionality out of the box along with the ability to create additional user-definable dashboards.

These dashboards provide real-time composite views of key performance indicators (KPIs) and can also be tailored the specific needs of the organisation. Use a dashboard to see at a glance all the important information needed to make key business decisions every day. Assemble and present information from several places in Microsoft Dynamics 365 in a quick-read format.

Dashboards are easy to create, and are easy to revise as changing business needs require.

Furthermore, Microsoft Dynamics 365’s core functionality enables data to be quickly extracted and analysed using Microsoft Excel.


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