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Prism: Service and Compliance

Never miss an vital test
or maintenance visit again.
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Prism takes the worry out of keeping your estate safe and sound. Using the sophisticated engine provided by Microsoft Dynamics 365, Prism ensures that all service, test, survey and maintenance visits are always tracked and scheduled.

Smarter Scheduling

Keeping track of all the regular service and compliance visits required on each property within your estate can be difficult and time consuming. What’s more, if you miss an appointment, it could mean equipment failing or, even worse, a non compliant building.

Prism holds a comprehensive catalogue of all possible types of visit, along with the parameters of each one. This includes the frequency they take place, the elements within the visit and the documentation that is required.

Each property within your estate can be allocated one or more of these service and compliance types – either manually or automatically as part of scheme. Once the initial visit details have been setup, Prism ensures that the relevant Contractors are requested to schedule the appointments in a timely manner, using a web portal.

Your Help Desk can monitor this schedule and quickly identify any upcoming visits that have not been scheduled. These can be chased through the system.

Customer Visibility

Your Customers also have full access to view upcoming appointments that have been scheduled by Contractors, via a web portal. By providing the Customer with an easy way to find out when visits are scheduled, we reduce the number of missed appointments and, importantly, this means less abortive costs. Obviously, we can also send customers reminders closer the day before as well.

If required, Customers can also look at the last visit for each service and compliance type associated with their property. This can include the documentation that was uploaded as a result of the visit.

In addition, the web portal provides a platform for distributing other information to customers, including equipment user guides, key telephone numbers and announcements.

Successful Completion

Once a contractor has attended a visit, they can immediately inform you that the work has been complete and the outcome. No waiting for documents or results to be posted or emailed.

Contractors have the ability to provide your team with critical information via their web portal.


The overall outcome of the appointment, key dates and, if it was a test, whether it was passed or failed.


Prism automatically prompts the contractor to provide the correct documents associated with the appointment.


Identification of any issues that were discovered by the contractor, which need your team or the customer to action.


Any advice that the contractor wants to make, including suggesting changing the frequency of the next visit.

Measured Payment

Prism hold a configurable matrix of rates for each type of visit for each Contractor. These rates can vary based on the area that the contractor is performing a service or compliance appointment (i.e. London work may be more expensive).

The Contractor can use a web portal to provide costs based on their rates. Once approved by your team these can be added to the month’s valuation certificate or released for immediate payment. Alternatively, if a visit is being performed for a fixed cost, then the cost can be automatically assigned by Prism.

Valuation Certificates are emailed to Contractors when released by your team. In addition, optional integration can pass the information to your Finance System. That way, your Finance Team are all set to receive and process the Contractor’s invoice.

Maintain Standards

Once contractors have completed a visit, your team can review the result, documentation, defects and recommendations. The powerful Business Intelligence tools provided by Microsoft Dynamics 365 allow you to analyse all service and compliance visits across your estate.

  • Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 dashboards to create interactive views, which allow your team to proactively spot service and compliance issues.
  • Quickly export service and compliance information to Excel for further analysis or sending to third parties.
  • Your Operations and Property Teams can use a web portal to instantly view the compliance of the properties they are responsible for
  • Customers can access the latest service and compliance information from their web portal.

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