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Take Control

Transforming Customer Vision Into Reality

At SAM7 we engineer innovative and unique business solutions using the powerful framework provided by Microsoft Dynamics 365.

In the Office

Manage your key processes to capture and track critical information, from people or teams around your organisation. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a truly flexible toolkit that SAM7 are adept at using to build successful tailored business systems.

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On the Move

Enable your field based team to quickly access relevant and accurate details about their customers, sites or franchises. Allow mobile users to interact with your processes remotely, ensuring timely updates. Our custom Apps have made a significant difference.

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Enabling Your Customers

Allow your Customers (or even Partners) to securely access key information and relevant processes, through on-line portals. Streamline your interactions by empowering Customers to view relevant details, provide feedback or flag critical issues.

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Building Business Intelligence

Extracting meaningful metrics and information out of systems is vital. Whether that be visualising KPI’s on dashboards, performing detailed analysis in Excel or simply investigating data trends using powerful query tools, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help.

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Our Customers

Great people make a great company and this is certainly true of SAM7. We continue to be impressed by the commitment and attention to detail. Overall the impression we are left with is that nothing is too much trouble.


SAM7 have been a trusted and valued partner with us for a good few years now, they are easy to work with and have reliably delivered a number of key projects for us after our original supplier let us down.

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We have been successfully working with SAM7 over a number of years, and enjoyed good support with our use of CRM. This has allowed more effective information sharing for our field based staff and across multiple departments.

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Recent Work

Greene King’s Custom CRM App

SAM7 have recently implemented a custom Android App used by Greene King’s Operations and Property teams. Drawing live information from Greene King’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 system this:

  • Fits precisely around the way field based people want to work, meaning no training was required.
  • Provides an elegant user experience for quickly accessing relevant and up to date Pub information.
  • Allows repairs to be approved remotely, ensuring critical items receive immediate attention.
  • Enables straightforward, remote access to statutory information relating to each pub.
  • Works completely off-line and automatically synchronises when in range of Wifi/3G.
  • Supplies Senior Management with a powerful tool when visiting Greene King’s pub estate.
Recent Project

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SAM7 Blog

Find out more about our latest news, Microsoft Dynamics 365 updates, interesting trends or technical challenges we have overcome.

SAM7 Win Best Newcomer at NEC

13th April 2017
SAM7 recently exhibited at the Facilities Management Show at the Birmingham NEC, and were delighted to win the Best Newcomer award. Thanks to all our guests for visiting the stand. If you would like a reminder of what we showed, click the link below: http://prezi.com/tt3umv13azio/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share

Visit SAM7 at the FM Show

28th February 2017
Want to find out more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service? Why not visit SAM7’s stand at the Facilities Management Show at the NEC in Birmingham from Tuesday 21st March through to Thursday 23rd March. Streamline your mobile workforce using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service. Use optimised scheduling tools to ensure you send the right engineer first time, within agreed Service Level Agreements, whilst maximising resource utilisation. Provide your field based team with mobile apps, enabling them to access critical information and supply real-time updates. Manage your inventory across depots and vans. Most importantly, put your customer at the heart of all interactions by giving them live updates, case history and feedback. All with seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365. Used by over 30,000 businesses in 80 countries, let SAM7 give you a demo.

Introduction Video on SAM7’s Repairs and Maintenance Video

4th November 2016
Find out about why you need SAM7’s repairs and Maintenance system. Watch our latest video.

FieldOne – Microsoft Dynamics CRM Field Management

11th August 2016
Last year Microsoft acquired FieldOne, a leading field management solution, and have integrated it with their Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. In this blog we explore some of the key features of this powerful platform. Work Orders: These are the essential element to tracking a field service within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, tracking a job from conception to completion. This includes capturing the location, type of work, engineer, time spent and part utilisation. To find out more, watch this video: https://community.dynamics.com/crm/b/crmvideos/archive/2016/07/25/generating-work-orders-in-field-service Schedule Board: Provides a graphical tool that allows your back office team to schedule and view active Work Orders. This enables users to view Work Orders by engineer, route or on an interactive map. Unscheduled Work Orders can be quickly highlighted and allocated to an engineer using drag and drop tools, or automatically planned using the schedule assistant. This video provides more information: https://community.dynamics.com/crm/b/crmvideos/archive/2016/07/19/configuring-and-using-the-schedule-board-in-dynamics-crm Mobile Workforce: Enable your mobile workforce to access Work Orders whilst they are out on the road. Whether they have iOS or Android tablets or phones they can get route information, update Work Orders, add notes, book out parts, upload photos and capture signatures. Read more here: https://community.dynamics.com/crm/b/crmvideos/archive/2016/07/25/manage-your-mobile-workforce-with-field-service

10 Steps to Successful Workshops

29th July 2016
We frequently use workshops to gain a clear understanding of our Customer’s business requirements, enabling us to deliver tailored business solutions. These are collaborative sessions, and we have a 10 step plan to making them a success: Project Scope: It sounds simple, but we always make sure that we have defined exactly what is included within the Project, along with what our ultimate deliverable is going to be. This could range from a Solution Overview, providing a Project synopsis, through to a full blown System Specification. Workshop Objectives: It’s critical that all attendees understand the purpose of the workshops. We use them to: Work alongside key Customer staff to gain an accurate understanding of their requirements. Collaborate with the team by questioning and challenging elements of their requirements to ensure any gaps or issues are eradicated. Pass on our expertise and experience, applicable to the project. Who Attends: SAM7 will expect a Business Process Owner to be appointed for the Project. The Business Process Owner will be required at all sessions, and may want to bring Subject Matter Experts (typically 1-3 people) along to some or all of the sessions. In addition, IT System Architects may be required at specific workshops. Workshop Structure: SAM7 will provide an outline schedule and agenda for the workshops. We ask that our Customer to review this and pass any feedback to SAM7. Any amendments will be incorporated into the agenda. Workshop Preparation: It is critical that the Customer’s team spend time, before the Workshops commence, working through the current processes, identifying challenges and defining how these need to change going forward. This includes the steps involved in the new process, key data and any interactions with other systems or third parties. We provide our Customers with documentation outlining the three levels of readiness, to enable them to understand exactly what we are expecting. Pre Workshop Help: If during preparation a Customer needs to ask any questions, seek clarification or discuss approach, we’re happy to help. The Workshop, Setting the Scene: At the start of each workshop SAM7 will briefly summarise and review the output from the previous workshop. In addition, we will outline the agenda of the current workshop, including how this fits into the ‘bigger picture’. This will include the starting and finishing points within the process. The Workshop, Understanding the Requirements: We ask the Business Process Owner to take us through their proposed processes. Throughout the session we raise questions for clarification, challenge aspects based on our previous experience, highlight any additional considerations and identify any gaps. Similarly during these discussions our Customer may need to raise questions or issues with us, to help them better define the processes. If any items are raised that are outside the scope of the workshop or need further clarification outside of the workshop, these will be ‘parked’. The Workshop, Wrap Up: At the end of each workshop SAM7 will briefly summarise what has been covered, assign actions for ‘parked’ issues and identify whether the objectives

Performance: A Critical Element of UX

12th May 2016
We recently completed the implementation of a Web Portal, based on a Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, which is used by approximately 5,000 suppliers and customers. Given the volume of users, one of the key acceptance criteria of the project was that it should require minimal training for the users. Whilst considerable time was spent working on the look and feel of the Portal, one of the critical factors in building a successful user experience was ensuring that the Portal performed quickly. There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting 5-10 seconds for each page to load – users want to be able to navigate quickly through information. That way, the software feels precise and responsive and, importantly, does not penalize a user who opens a wrong record or wants to navigate between different data sets. To address this, a key design decision we took was to provide all information ‘in-line’. Records are presented within a series of grids all contained on a single page, with a choice of navigation methods to move between them. Detailed information about a specific record can expanded and collapsed from within these grids, meaning that users do not have to wait for a completely new screen to load. The existing screen simply expands to show the additional details. Furthermore, the user does not need to wait while they navigate back to the initial screen. All they need to do is collapse the details once they have finished reading them. This ‘in-line’ approach also meant that a user could expand several records at the same time, allowing them to compare data or find the correct record. This design also enabled us to populate the grids, asynchronously, when a user first logs into the system. This meant that the user can be reading headline information on their dashboard, whilst detailed information is loaded in the background. The majority of the ‘heavy lifting’ of data is performed without affecting a user’s experience. As a user begins to navigate the grids the information is all available, allowing them to perform tasks such as quick searches, scrolling between pages of records, sorting or increasing the number of records per page instantly. These types of task are performed at the client end, with no further fetches from the server. If new records are created once a user has logged into the Portal, they are shown a small notification (via a badge icon) to inform them. They can then chose to refresh the relevant grid with the new data at their convenience. Obviously, performance was only one aspect of the user experience. However, the ‘in-line’ interface and associated quick speeds immediately gained users’ confidence and approval.
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